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ASH 4×8-4×10 6pcs Your Choice 10Mil Paper Backed "EXOTIC" WCW 7-12


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Wood Veneer ASH 4×8-4×10 6pcs Your Choice 10Mil Paper Backed  “EXOTIC” WCW 7-12.  The Xpcs total refers to how many pieces total are in this lot, the size are in inches and the code after “EXOTIC” refers to our inventory.  We price match any one on Ebay and ship quickly, please inquire for all questions.

Sheet 7 48×121 – Sheet 8 48×98 – Sheet 9 through 12 48×121

Other sizes and backed
veneer may be available.  10mil glue paper backed sheets can be sanded and
final inspected for a small fee, please inquire.


Industry Standard for Paper-backed veneers = 1/40”  

Industry Standard for Wood-backed veneers = 1/25”

Industry Standard for Raw plain veneer with no backing = 1/32”-1/42”

Backed products that are on 10mil paper glue backer refer to one side being a
glue substance in which we heat up in our press and apply to one side of the
veneer.  The other side is paper, for that side you can apply your bonding
agent you so choose to do work with, we would suggest you go to the internet
and look for the best solution to this. 
For raw veneer I would suggest the internet or Peel and Stick Adhesive
as I have found it works the best, but may not work the best for you.  Please feel free to send me any questions. 

Trimming and Cutting Instructions: Cutting with a razor knife or a pair of
scissors is the easiest way.

How to apply a product, using contact cement, peel and stick adhesive is the

If you are going to finish I would suggest consulting the internet..

********All raw veneer may have some slight rips at the end that, please

Most of our products come un-sanded, please inquire about sanding.


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 50 x 7 x 7 in



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